What’s a Cleaning Agency?

There are several benefits for both clients & cleaners

What is a Cleaning Agency?


An agency is a company that connects qualified job candidates to clients to meet a specific need. In our case, we connect qualified independent professional house cleaners to clients in need of their cleaning services.


What Makes Us Different From Other Cleaning Companies?


  • We work with customers who aren’t interested in going through the bigger name cleaning companies and rather connect with local independent cleaners for their cleaning services. There’s a personal touch that you receive from working with an independent cleaner that you just don’t get working with the larger brands.
  • Smiles Are Maid Cleaning Agency provides the best of both worlds. You get the personal touch of working with a local independent house cleaner while still getting the customer service experience of working with a national brand.
  • We believe your home is a sacred place and that you should feel like you know who you’re letting into it. That’s why we take the time to get to know you as a person so we can not only match you with a qualified cleaner but also a qualified person to be in your space. If we get it right, which we usually do, then you’ll hopefully maintain a long-term relationship with your house cleaner through our agency. If we happen to get it wrong, we’ll do our best to keep re-matching you until there’s a smile on your face!


Client Benefits – We do all the legwork behind finding a local independent house cleaner for you


  1. Confidence of knowing that all cleaners have been carefully screened & evaluated
    • In-person interviews
    • Must pass criminal background check
    • Verified eligibility to work in the US
  2. Professional Cleaning History
    • Cleaners go through reference screening: 3 professional & 3 personal
    • Cleaners have minimum of 2 years experience, 4-5 years on average
  3. Consistency in Service Quality
    • You won’t have different people coming in and out of your home for cleanings
    • Having a regular cleaner helps ensure quality is more consistent
  4. Full Control 
    • Your cleaner(s) will not begin cleaning until after you’ve met them first and give the go ahead
    • You can choose to be re-matched with a different cleaner for any reason
  5. Flexibility
    • No long-term contracts
    • You can change your cleaning schedule, provided we have at least a 48-hour notice
    • We’ll provide sub-cleaners in your regular cleaner’s absence
  6. Pre-Packaged Flat-Rate Services
    • We pre-packaged your cleaning services so you don’t have to spend your time preparing a list for your cleaners
    • Because we use flat-rate prices instead of hourly your cleaner(s) won’t waste time on your dime
  7. Convenient online client portal
    • Update payment method securely
    • Request new service
    • Report concerns
    • View invoices
    • Include notes and instructions for your cleaner
    • Make changes to your schedule
    • Receive appointment reminders


Cleaner Benefits – We bring the clients to you


  1. Flexibility
    • Some cleaners prefer to work independently instead of working full-time for a larger company
    • You’re in charge of your schedule; you only accept the jobs that you want to work
  2. Client Choice 
    • You have full control over who you work with, which helps ensure that the client is a good match for you
  3. Representation
    • You’re supported by The Smiles Are Maid Team. We’ll connect you to clients, answer client questions on your behalf, make schedule changes, updates, handle payments and any other changes that need to take place so you can remain focused on what you do best, clean!
  4. Increased Pay
    • Your earning potential increases significantly with our support. We have the means to connect you to an endless number of clients that are a good fit for you.
  5. Freedom to Clean
    • Typically business owners have a lot more to worry about than just providing service. Cleaners who sign up with Smiles Are Maid only have to worry about the necessities for performing a quality cleaning.
    • We take care of everything else including, responding to phone and online bookings, scheduling appointments, payments, tax forms, bringing in clients, advertising and marketing, client matches, etc.